New Personal Cloud Capacities Available with LinkStation SoHo, LS210 and LS220

Aug 17, 2020

Buffalo Americas, a leading provider of easy-to-use technology solutions is excited to announce the release of the 12TB LinkStation SoHo Network Attached Storage solution with Hard Drives Included. This product is designed and priced specifically to be the ideal data storage and backup solution for users in a smaller home office (1- to 4-person) who are looking to secure their data in an on-site personal cloud system to avoid costly monthly 3rd party cloud subscriptions. The LinkStation SoHo comes with a standard US-based 3-year warranty for both the chassis and the drives, and qualifies for Buffalo’s Simple Logical Data Recovery service when registered.

Businesses utilizing the LinkStation SoHo will enjoy enterprise-level data storage and security without the hassle and prohibitive costs of setting up a professional storage network. The LinkStation SoHo includes two hard drives pre-configured in RAID 1, providing data redundancy out of the box and saving you the trouble of setting it up yourself. The LinkStation SoHo also ships with NovaBACKUP Buffalo Edition, a data backup application acclaimed for its ease-of-use, along with five free PC licenses. For backups, you can easily schedule backup jobs so the data on your PCs are automatically backed up to the LinkStation, and Mac users will appreciate the LinkStation SoHo for being Time Machine-ready. Once the LinkStation SoHo is connected to a UPS, the UPS sync feature allows the LinkStation to shut down immediately if there is a power outage, thereby preventing possible data loss.

Along with the robust data security features, the LinkStation SoHo also provides a platform to easily access and share data as well. Professional users will also enjoy LinkStation SoHo’s Active Directory support. Active Directory is a Microsoft directory service that allows administrators to manage permissions and access to network resources, so you can create a network infrastructure that suits your needs. Professionals who work with digital cameras will especially enjoy the Direct Copy function, which allows direct data saving from a digital camera or another USB device without needing a PC.

In addition to the LinkStation SoHo, Buffalo has also launched two new variations of the LinkStation 200 Series: a 6TB  model for the 1-bay LinkStation 210, and a 12TB model for the 2-bay LinkStation 220. These Network Attached Storage devices are ideal personal home cloud solutions for secure and cost-effective data storage and backup.

Buffalo products are reliable and easy-to-use and backed by industry leading customer service, including 24/7 North American-based support and data recovery services.  Responsible for many industry firsts, Buffalo has four decades of networking and computer peripheral manufacturing and design experience.  For more information about Buffalo Americas Inc. and its products, please visit