10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch 

Buffalo’s BS-XP20 series of 10GbE switches are the perfect entry point for high-speed networking.  Position your business for improved performance and efficiency.


Our new high-speed switches are designed to be easy to install and manage.  Plug and play installation with reliability and power efficiency.  Let us show you how.



BS-XP20 Series

Buffalo’s BS-XP20 series of 10GbE switches are an entry-level solution for SMBs looking to move to the blazing speeds of 10GbE networking.  While BS-XP20 switches provide high performance, they are designed to be extremely easy to install and operate.  They provide plug and play installation without any additional software or configuration.  Plug in your network-ready device and the BS-XP20 will automatically configure the proper connection.  The BS-XP20 series includes 8 and 12 port models.

Easy installation

The BS-XP20 series utilizes Auto-MDIX (okay, here goes – automatic medium-dependent interface crossover), which means that every port on the switch will automatically detect the type of Ethernet cable being used, and configure the port to the correct configuration.  This eliminates the need to identify and manually set up the connections on your switch.

Our easy install promise goes further.  The BS-XP20 series easily mounts in a rack, on a wall, or on desktop.  We go so far as to include the necessary sliding rails, screws and rubber feet with all models.

Last but not least, the BS-XP20 series is designed with an internal power supply, which eliminates streamlines cable management

10GbE – it’s not just for large business

Until recently, 10GbE networking was considered a good solution for large business, but too expensive and overkill for small- and medium-sized businesses.  But SMBs are experiencing many of the same trends as enterprises that result in constantly increasing amounts of data.  These trends include:

  • The growth in the size and complexity of computer applications run by modern businesses
  • The need to operate both wired and wireless networks
  • The convergence of video, voice and data media
  • More users with more devices like smart phones and tablets in addition to a desktop or laptop.

The resulting growth in data, and lower-cost products for 10GbE, means that SMBs can now benefit from 10GbE networking.  So you can improve employee productivity by eliminating network bottlenecks and delivering faster speeds.  10GbE networking can also:

  • Consolidate hardware devices into a smaller space, reducing the amount of room required for network equipment
  • Be more energy efficient, lowering utility costs
  • And perhaps best of all, be more cost-effective due to lower per-port costs than older network gear.

Our 10GbE switch solutions can deliver those benefits to your SMB, let us show you how!

Energy efficiency means lower utility costs

buffalo americas switch switches

Buffalo switches are designed to be energy efficient in order to help control your utility costs.  This includes designing to the IEEE 802.3az standard, also called Green Ethernet.  The 802.3az standard is very effective in reducing the total power consumed per port.  It also is very effective with edge devices (like your desktops and laptops) and can save significant amounts of power when those devices are also 802.3az-compliant.

The 802.3az standard also stipulates that the switch monitors the activity status of each port and only provides power to those ports that have a connected device that is powered on.  The switch places ports in sleep mode when no information is being sent or received.

Not only that, but the length of each cable connected to each port is detected and the amount of power that is supplied is adjusted accordingly.  Tricky business, but all of these features can add up to real savings over traditional savings.

Our goal – make technology painless for customers

We know that information technology can seem confusing and difficult.  At Buffalo, we work to make technology as painless as possible.  This starts with understanding the needs and desires of SMB customers, so we can design products that align with your requirements.

We also recognize that not every business is blessed with a full-time IT manager.  So we are happy to help you in selecting the perfect solution for your business.  Our products are designed to be easy to install and manage, but if you need help, our North American-based technical support is available 24/7 to help with any questions.

We build our switches to be problem-free and we back it up with a lifetime warranty*.  Lifetime.  As in eight, nine, ten or more years.

Buffalo will work with you to make technology understandable and simplify the mystery that can be behind IT.  We’re easy to reach and are ready to serve you in the role of a consultative partner.  Give us a call – we look forward to helping you make the right technology decisions for your business.

*Requires product registration within 90 days of purchase.



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2018-23-01 Readme for firmware update for BS-XP20 series 10Gbe switches
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2016-06-09 Manual and Quick Start Guides for the BS-XP2012 10Gbe 12 port switch.


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2018-09-01 2.1.0 Windows Configuration Tool for Web Managed Switches


8-Port 10 Gigabit Switch

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12-Port 10 Gigabit Switch

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