Unmanaged Business Switches 

Buffalo's BS-GU Series of Gigabit Green Ethernet Switches offer an easy and cost-effective way to extend your business network at gigabit Ethernet speeds.



Buffalo's Gigabit Green Ethernet Switches include power-savings features, like 802.3az Green Ethernet technology and an energy conservation feature that monitors the activity status of each port to reduce the total power consumed, therefore reducing related operational costs.

Gigabit speeds, eco-minded operation, performance-minded features and a lifetime warranty make Buffalo's BS-GU Series of Gigabit Green Ethernet Switches a perfect network extension solution for your office.


  • Lifetime warranty*
  • 5/8/16/24 gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Durable metal chassis
  • Fanless, compact design
  • Fast and easy setup
  • 802.3az Green Ethernet technology
  • Loop detection/prevention (depending on model)
  • Easily mount on a rack† or wall, or place it on a desktop

* Requires product registration within 90 days of purchase
† BS-GU2005 & BS-GU2008 are wall mount or desktop only


Buffalo's Gigabit Green Ethernet High Power PoE Switches come with a compact and durable all metal chassis and are fan-less which provides silent and reliable operation. Buffalo's lifetime warranty* ensures that you will never have to replace your switch due to defects.


Buffalo's Gigabit Green Ethernet Switches come with a compact and durable all metal chassis and are fanless which provides silent and reliable operation.  Buffalo's lifetime warranty* ensures that you will never have to replace your switch due to defects.


Buffalo's Gigabit Green Ethernet Switches come with either loop detection (BS-GU2005 & BS-GU2008 models) or loop prevention (BS-GU2016 & BS-GU2024 models).  Loop detection will alert you of a loop in your network by lighting an LED on the front of the switch while loop prevention shuts down the port(s) where a network loop is detected.


Integrates any Ethernet enabled device with plug and play setup including PCs, TVs, gaming consoles and other digital home appliances.


Multiple gigabit Ethernet ports provide fast transfer rates of large bandwidth intensive files including graphics and multimedia.


Easy to read LED indicators for each port clearly and quickly communicate which ports have active connections as well as which ports have gigabit speed devices attached.  Auto-MDIX provides fast plug and play setup, eliminating the need for a crossover cable while auto-negotiation detects the link speed of the attached device and adjusts for compatibility and optimal performance, making the switch backwards compatible with older network devices.


802.3az Green Ethernet technology monitors the link status of each port and only provides power to those that have a connected device that is powered on and puts transmitters into sleep mode when no information is being sent or received.  In addition, the length of cable connected to each port is detected and the amount of power supplied is adjusted accordingly.  All of these features add up to energy savings of up to 79% over traditional switches.


LAN Interface

Number of Ports 5 (BS-GU2005)
8 (BS-GU2008)
16 (BS-GU2016)
24 (BS-GU2024)
Standard Compliance IEEE802.3 (10BASE-T)
IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX)
IEEE802.3ab (1000BASE-T), AUTO-MDIX
Flow Control IEEE802.3x
Connector RJ-45 8-pin connector (shielded)


Data Transfer Rates 10/100/1000 Mbps
Switching Capacity 10 Gbps (BS-GU2005)
16 Gbps (BS-GU2008)
32 Gbps (BS-GU2016)
48 Gbps (BS-GU2024)
Buffer Memory 256 KB (BS-GU2005 & BS-GU2008)
512 KB (BS-GU2016 & BS-GU2024)
Transmission Speeds 1000 Mbps (1000 BASE-T)
100 Mbps (100 BASE-TX)
10 Mbps (10 BASE-T)
Switching Method Store & Forward
Jumbo Frame 9,216 Bytes (Header 14 Bytes + FCS 4 Bytes inclusive)
Transfer Encryption Method 8B1Q4/4D-PAM5 (1000 BASE-T)
4B5B/MLT-3 (100 BASE-TX)
Manchester encoding (10 BASE-T)
Access Method CSMA/CD
Data Transfer Speed 1,488,095 packets/second (1000 BASE-T)
148,810 packets/second (100 BASE-TX)
14,881 packets/second (10 BASE-T)
MAC Address Table 8,190 (Self Learning)
Aging Time Default 300 seconds

Environmental And Power

Power Supply Internal AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Max 2.9W BS-GU2005
Max 4.0W BS-GU2008
Max 9.1W BS-GU2016
Max 13.5W BS-GU2024
Operating Environment 32˚ - 122˚F (0˚ - 50˚C), 10 - 85% humidity (non-condensing)


Acquired Standards VCCI Class A, UL60950-1, FCC Class A, Canada IC Class A, VCCI Class A, FCC Class A, Canada IC Class A


Dimensions 7.09 x 4.02 x 1.18 in BS-GU2005
6.34 x 7.87 x 1.61 in BS-GU2008
5.11 x 8.46 x 1.69 in BS-GU2016
7.08 x 11.81 x 1.69 in BS-GU2024

1.1 lbs BS-GU2005
2.2 lbs BS-GU2008
2.42 lbs BS-GU2016
3.53 lbs BS-GU2024

Compatible Cables 10BASE-T: RJ-45 two-pair Cat3 UTP or higher
100BASE-TX: RJ-45 two-pair Cat5 UTP or higher
1000BASE-T: RJ-45 two-pair Cat5e UTP or higher
Package Contents Multi-Port Gigabit Switch
Power cable
Power cable retainer band*
Rubber feet
Mounting brackets*
Bracket screws*
User manual
Warranty statement

*Not included with BS-GU2005 or BS-GU2008



    File Size Post Date Version OS Support Notes
2016-29-04 User's guide for BS-GU2005 unmanaged switch
2016-29-04 User's guide for BS-GU2008 unmanaged switch
2016-29-04 User's guide for BS-GU2016 unmanaged switch
2016-29-04 User's guide for BS-GU2024 unmanaged switch


    File Size Post Date Version OS Support Notes
2018-01-06 Windows Download page for the Buffalo Network QuickView software.


5-Port Gigabit Green Ethernet Switches

  • - 5

8-Port Gigabit Green Ethernet Switch

  • - 8

16-Port Gigabit Green Ethernet Switch

  • - 16

24-Port Gigabit Green Ethernet Switch

  • - 24