TeraStation™ WSH5610DNS2 

S2Hard Drives Included


Buffalo’s TeraStation WSH5610DNS2 combines high performance network attached storage with the power and convenience of a Windows® operating system.

Not only does the WSH series come fully populated with NAS hard drives, but it also goes an unparalleled step further: welcome to Hardware RAID.




Hardware RAID delivers added speed and stability. The specially-designed solution runs the operating system from an SSD drive of its own, which frees the HDD array for user data. Hardware RAID enables the WSH5610DN to deliver outstanding performance unaffected by ‘heavy load’ operations, even during RAID rebuilding.


The WSH5610DNS2 is installed with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition. It seamlessly integrates with Windows computers and servers on existing networks and facilitates quick, straightforward deployment with massive storage capacity available in an instant.


  • Hardware RAID ensures speed and stability
  • 4 GB of fast DDR3 RAM installed
  • Dedicated SSD drive for the OS
  • 6-drive desktop models
  • High performance Intel® Celeron™  Quad-Core Processor, 2.41 GHz
  • Windows® Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard
  • Easy backup software NovaBACKUP®  included
  • Three-year warranty; additional warranty services available
  • Reliable NAS hard drives
  • DFS replication
  • Deduplication
  • iSCSI supported
  • Hot-swap SATA hard drives
  • USB 3.0 accessory support



TeraStation WSH5610DN’s dedicated RAID controller separates processes into two different CPUs. With one CPU running the OS and applications, and the other for RAID rebuilding and I/O operations, the WSH5610DN runs faster and with greater reliability. Under heavy load operations, the WSH5610DN is able to maintain its high performance speeds.

With the TeraStation WSH5610DN’s operating system completely located on an SSD drive of its own, each HDD is able to utilize space for user data. Without having to reinstall the OS for each RAID change, the dedicated SSD allows for faster boot time and more efficient operation.

buffalo americas iconTERASTATION NAS SYSTEM

TeraStation WSH5610DN runs on Buffalo's TeraStation NAS System, providing a host of business-class features from network file sharing and security to RAID management, remote access and more. Managing data, backups and data sharing in a production environment or larger business is made easy with this NAS operating system. Included on all Buffalo TeraStation devices, TeraStation NAS System simplifies your everyday data needs.

red data replication icon with gray filesDATA PROTECTION & BACKUP

TeraStation WSH5610DN is bundled with eleven licenses of NovaBACKUP Buffalo Edition (one server and ten workstations), providing a complete, all-in-one data protection solution for PCs and Windows® servers.


TeraStation WSH5610DN offers high capacity, highly available storage accessible among multiple platforms for seamless centralized storage and backup. Create user and group profiles and control folder and file access to protect business critical content and privacy.

Support for multiple levels of RAID provides continuous data protection and increased fault tolerance and data availability.

  • RAID 0 combines all drives into a single array offering maximum capacity with no redundancy
  • RAID 1 mirrors two arrays, creating an exact copy of data for fault tolerance
  • RAID 5 stripes the data across all four drives, interspersing parity data to provide an efficient blend of fault tolerance and storage capacity
  • RAID 6 stripes the data across all four drives but with double distributed parity, allowing up to two drives to fail without suffering data loss


TeraStation WSH5610DN offers multiple ways to remotely access and share your important data for enhanced collaboration and productivity. With WebAccess and FTP/SFTP servers, you can securely access and share files with anyone outside the local network. Trusted recipients can access selected files from anywhere over the Internet and with WebAccess files can also be accessed remotely from tablet and smartphone devices.

remote file access with terastation


Configure TeraStation WSH5610DN as an iSCSI target to add affordable virtualized storage to your business network. Storage virtualization serves to decrease IT spending by maximizing the resources offered by modern servers while providing affordable server scalability and reliability. A virtualized environment removes a significant amount of server dependence, shifting the burden to the storage devices.

red square icon with white cloudCLOUD STORAGE BACKUP

Backup mission-critical data to any cloud provider compatible with Windows® for offsite backup.  Offsite backup adds an extra layer of protection against data loss due to environmental disasters or equipment failures at your primary location.



Part numbers WSH5610DN12S2
Form factor Desktop


Processor Intel® Celeron™ Processor J1800 (2.41GHz Quad-Core)
Memory 4 GB DDR3

LAN Interface

Standards compliance IEEE802.3 (10BASE-T), IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX), IEEE802.3ab (1000BASE-T)
Data transfer rates 10/100/1000 Mbps
Number of ports 2
Connector type RJ-45
Supported protocols TCP/IP
Network file services CIFS/SMB, AFP, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/SFTP, NFS

USB Interface

Standards compliance USB 3.0, USB 2.0
Data transfer rates 5 Gbps* (USB 3.0)
480 Mbps* (USB 2.0)
Number of ports 1 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0

* 480 Mbps and 5 Gbps are the maximum transfer rates derived from the specifications of the Universal Serial Bus 2.0 and 3.0. Actual transfer rates will vary depending upon environmental factors. Data rates, features and performance may vary based on the configuration of your system and other factors.

Environmental & Power

Power consumption Max 120W
Power supply Internal AC 100-240V Universal 50/60Hz
Operating temperature 41˚ - 95˚F (0˚ - 35˚C)
Operating humidity 20 - 80% non-condensing


Package dimensions (L x W x H) 14.17 x 9.84 x 15.75 in
Package weight 25.35 lbs
Compatible hard drives OP-HD2.0BN/B, OP-HD4.0BN/B
Client OS support Windows® 10
Windows® 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit)
Windows® 8 (32-bit/64-bit)
Windows® 7 (32-bit/64-bit),
Windows Vista® (32-bit/64-bit)
Windows® XP
Windows Server® 2012
Windows Server® 2012R2
Windows Server® 2008
Windows Server® 2008R2
Windows Server® 2003
Windows Server® 2003R2
Mac® OS® X 10.5 or later
Included software Windows® Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition
NovaBACKUP® Buffalo Edition (one server and ten workstation licenses)
Adobe® Reader®
Box contents TeraStation™
Utility CD (TeraNavigator, NASNavigator2, NovaBACKUP®, Adobe® Reader®)
Cat5e Network Cable
Cable clump
Windows Restore SD Memory Card
Quick Setup Guide
AC Cable
Front Panel Keys
Warranty Statement




    File Size Post Date Version OS Support Notes
2020-05-03 3.62 Firmware Updater for WSH5000 series units.


    File Size Post Date Version OS Support Notes
2017-30-01 User's Manual and Quick Start Guide for the WSH5000 series units.
2021-27-01 3.66 Readme for firmware update for WSH5000N2 series units.
2020-27-07 3.0.4 Windows Readme for NAS Navigator for Windows
2019-18-07 2.99 Windows Lisez-moi pour NAS Navigator pour Windows (français)
2019-18-07 2.99 Mac Readme for NAS Navigator for Mac NOTE: For users running MacOS 10.13 or later, download and install the latest version of NAS Navigator2 from Mac App Store.
2019-18-07 2.99 Mac Lisez-moi pour NAS Navigator pour Mac (français) REMARQUE: pour les utilisateurs d'ordinateurs sous MacOS 10.13 ou ultérieur, téléchargez et installez la dernière version de NAS Navigator2 à partir du Mac App Store.


    File Size Post Date Version OS Support Notes
2020-27-07 3.0.4 Windows NAS Navigator for Windows
2019-18-07 2.99 Mac NAS Navigator for Mac NOTE: For users running MacOS 10.13 or later, download and install the latest version of NAS Navigator2 from Mac App Store.


TeraStation™ WSH5610DN 12TB

  • - 12

TeraStation™ WSH5610DN 24TB

  • - 24