BS-MP20 10GbE multi-gigabit switch replaces the BS-XP20 10GbE switch

White Papers Oct 30, 2017


While Supplies Last Announcement: BS-XP20 10GbE Ethernet Switch


AUSTIN, TEXAS –November 2nd,  2017 – Buffalo Americas formally announces the BS-XP20 10GbE Ethernet product life-cycle change to While Supplies Last status.

BS-MP20 is the direct replacement for BS-XP20.  BS-MP20 is a multi-gigabit switch incorporating the 802.3bz standard supporting 10GbE as well as 5GbE, 2.5GbE and 1GbE connectivity. The BS-MP20 is the first to market multi-gigabit switch capable of 10GbE speeds at an entry level price.

BS-MP20 is developed to assist businesses with the transition to the 10GbE platform.  Businesses that have not made the transition will also benefit from the downward compatibility to 5GbE, 2.5GbE and 1GbE connectivity.  BS-MP20 is flexible and will support businesses with existing 10GbE requirements and future plans.

BS-XP20 Series

BS-MP20 Series

BS-MP20 Product Description

While Supplies Last
Entry Level 10GbE Multi-Gigabit Switch
BS-XP2008 BS-MP2008 8 port 10GbE multi-gigabit switch
BS-XP2012 BS-MP2012 12 port 10GbE multi-gigabit switch





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