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White Papers Jun 27, 2018

Play it Safe and Account for the Unknown

We know you’re on top of it. You have a storage strategy, with backup or replication processes in place, that ensure you’re covered if your equipment breaks down or information is stolen. But have you planned for everything?



Mother nature has a way of intervening unexpectedly. If your current strategy involves backing up resources to a device that’s in the next room, and your entire office or building gets wiped out by fire, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, etc., your data is gone.


While natural disasters are fairly infrequent, human error, unfortunately, is not. In fact, human error is a leading cause of data loss and data breaches today. Improper planning, unintended or accidental deletion of records, saving or writing over existing files, employee sabotage, lost or forgotten passwords—these are all issues that plague businesses.


Similarly, if you’re a solution provider offering storage or data security services, your clients are counting on you to effectively protect their information in any situation and regardless of circumstance. With your reputation on the line, you may need to start thinking about a backup to your storage strategy.


A Case for Automatic Backup and Replication



Automatic back up or replication using Buffalo TeraStation NAS devices is a step in the right direction. If anything happens to client data, you want to know you’ll be able to recover that information. Storing it in an entirely different location is the best approach.  



Buffalo NAS devices are purpose built for these situations. Our TeraStation products allow you to backup or replicate data from your office (or client’s office) to a strategic offsite location. You can backup via one NAS device or replicate information among multiple NAS devices. Even better is that Buffalo’s replication technology is built on the rsync protocol. That means TeraStation 5010 and 3010 devices have the unique ability to replicate with other rsync-enabled NAS devices, including non-Buffalo equipment. You can work with Buffalo while still taking advantage of your existing hardware investments.


Contact us today. Let’s talk about how we can help you plan for the unknown and truly protect your information in any situation.




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