What does the end of net neutrality mean for your business?

White Papers Dec 18, 2017

Lower your bandwidth useage for your cloud account with a Hybrid Cloud:

Just days ago, the Federal Communications Commission voted to end net neutrality rules regulating Internet service providers such as AT&T and Xfinity. Without net neutrality, Internet service providers will have the power to direct Internet traffic speed and access. 

Before the days of net neutrality, Internet service providers battled for customers and higher rates with techniques such as blocking or slowing down data streams to sites hosted by competing ISPs or charging higher rates to companies reliant on high-speed Internet. Now that we are returning to the old days, those dependent on accessing data from their public cloud may come across problems like Internet service providers blocking traffic to certain sites, or major slow-downs in upload and download speeds. Another strong possibility is increased carrier costs for bandwidth.

Many businesses are cloud-dependent. These businesses must prepare for the possible changes ahead so that they can maintain operations and stabilize expenses. Buffalo has several solutions that can help ease the transition from net neutrality to a competitive net space. 


Local Storage

Don’t leave your business and data to chance by relying on public cloud storage. Buffalo TeraStations provide a secure and cost-effective local storage option. By using a hybrid or private cloud storage set-up, you take the power back into your own hands in case your Internet service provider decides to exact higher rates or slows speeds and places blockages on you or your public cloud provider.

With both rackmount and desktop options, many of which are scalable to your needs, and compatibility with public cloud and other NAS models, TeraStations give you maximum flexibility in how you run your business and store your data.            


Private Cloud

One of the benefits of using public cloud is disaster recovery. Even if your office is decimated by natural disaster or human error, your data remains safe in the cloud. Private cloud offers the same benefits with less possibility of interference by competing ISPs. Duplicate data between two NAS units in two separate locations so that your data is protected from natural and human disasters and other uncertainties.


Hybrid Cloud

If you want to keep public cloud as part of your storage strategy, consider a hybrid cloud solution. Rather than sending all your data to the public cloud, choose to backup some data to a TeraStation. This will cut down on bandwidth usage and lower the possible impact of increased costs while still maintaining public cloud as an aspect of your storage set-up.


While the impacts of the end of net neutrality are yet to be seen, the time to be proactive with your storage strategy is now. Visit the links below or call 800.688.7466 for more information on how Buffalo can help.



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