Law Enforcement Surveillance - What’s Your Strategy?

White Papers Feb 08, 2018

Buffalo Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a flexible and reliable way to meet surveillance storage requirements. Buffalo TeraStation™ devices provide you with options to specifically address capacity and scalability needs.

Video surveillance is an effective and common tool used by the law enforcement community, and its presence in the industry will continue to grow. Video footage has been used for everything from finding a missing child, to solving murder crimes and preventing terrorism. In a study completed on the effectiveness of CCTV footage in investigative situations, it was found helpful in 65% of the cases where footage was available. Additionally, technological advancements such as vehicle and body cameras and automated drones have opened new avenues of surveillance implementation.

While capturing footage is one step of the process, storing it is another. Server space is limited, and purchasing a new server can quickly deplete departmental budgets. At the same time, deleting recently captured footage to create new space isn’t a viable strategy due to privacy rights, lengthy retention policies, and chain of custody. What happens if a situation arises where you need to access footage from the past? Departments must consider how much footage they are generating, how long they need to keep it, and how they’re going to move it between devices.

Buffalo Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a reliable and budget-friendly way to meet surveillance storage requirements. Buffalo TeraStation™ devices overcome privacy issues with built-in security features and offers a lower cost-per-TB storage add-on to preexisting server set-ups or stand-alone storage solution. TeraStation 5010 and 7000 devices are VMware and HyperV certified to further ensure compatibility.

Already implemented by various police forces, Buffalo’s storage solutions deliver significant advantages, including:

Device compatibility – Buffalo TeraStations make excellent storage targets for any surveillance network. Most commonly, TeraStations are added to servers hosting video management software through iSCSI connection to offload footage that would otherwise occupy higher cost-per-TB server space. TeraStations can act as a secure and reliable cold storage target for footage that must be saved but not necessarily accessed in the near future.

Scalability for today and tomorrow – Select TeraStation devices are designed to scale as you go, which means you can grow your capacity to meet future requirements. Likewise, Buffalo’s DriveStation™ desktop hard drives offer easy storage expansion and backup capabilities when it comes time to offload older footage from your server or other NAS devices. Through Windows Server, Buffalo TeraStations have the ability to create “storage pools” by connecting multiple devices and allowing for even greater expansion possibilities. This technique will also help avoid the need for an additional server.

Switches – Buffalo PoE switches are designed to work well with surveillance cameras and home automation as PoE allows you to place these devices anywhere in your home or office.

In a multi-camera environment feeding to a server, when used with 10Gbe compatible NAS to backup the server, our 10Gbe Multi-gigabit business switch will eliminate bottlenecks at the server.

Ease and reliability – Buffalo NAS devices and switches are easy to use and proven to deliver high reliability. Buffalo’s technical experts are also on hand to provide additional pre and post-sales assistance, if needed.

An effective video surveillance solution will enable you to store and access footage over a longer period of time. Start by choosing the right equipment, including Buffalo switches and TeraStations, and partner with a company that can address your specific needs today while keeping an eye to the future.



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