Microsoft Azure Integration with TeraStation NAS

White Papers Jul 17, 2018


Microsoft® Azure is a Microsoft cloud service designed for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Buffalo's TeraStation 3010 & 5010 series of NAS devices can now integrate with the Microsoft Azure cloud service.

The TeraStation 5010 & 3010 are capable of one directionally syncing with Azure Blob storage. Blob storage is an ideal cloud backup option for storing unstructured large files such as VDH files, movies, text, large spreadsheets, etc. When backing up, users can choose between differential and incremental backup methods, granting users the ability to manage storage space.

Download the TS3010 firmware update here and the TS5010 firmware update here.

Easily Integrate Microsoft Azure with your TeraStation Network Attached Storage in 4 Minutes:


By syncing a TeraStation with Microsoft Azure, users are able to have an offsite backup target for disaster recovery from mother nature or human error.

1.) User can designate the interval of sync, and only the last data synced to Azure remains. (User also can choose if files deleted from NAS should be deleted from Azure or leave on Azure)

2.) In case the user wants to recover the data, he can download the data from Azure and restore on his TS.



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