Remote Monitoring

White Papers Nov 16, 2017

Time is money, and as IT resources are increasingly spread thin, businesses and solution providers are looking for every possible advantage. To simplify your IT experience, Buffalo now offers 3rd party remote monitoring capabilities on our TeraStation™ 5010 and 3010 series devices. This functionality is ideal for solution providers responsible for maintaining healthy NAS operation for their customers. It’s also useful for IT departments in larger organizations to manage multiple offsite locations.

TeraStations can now be monitored through the Kaseya, Paessler, SolarWinds and Zabbix programs. With remote monitoring installed, solution providers and IT teams can monitor for key storage indicators such as drive health, back-up health, failure notifications, even RAID levels from an off-site location. If an issue is detected, a separate feature of TeraStation devices is that users can then access the device’s web GUI and resolve the issue remotely. And because this solution integrates easily with other key network monitoring products in the market, you can evaluate storage in the context of your broader networking and server resources. 

Key benefits

Easy integration

More easily manage your multivendor environment. Buffalo TeraStations are compatible with other network monitoring products from Kaseya, Paessler, SolarWinds, and Zabbix.


Greater visibility and control

Monitor activity and identify potential issues before downtime occurs. Audit available and used storage resources in real time.


Time and cost savings

Monitor Buffalo TeraStations—from one location. Avoid the time and expense of sending teams out to multiple offices or client locations to inspect NAS devices. You can access this feature for free via a firmware download.


3rd Party Remote monitoring functionality on TeraStation 5010 and 3010 series products provides the capability many customers have been asking for—an easier way to evaluate the health, performance, and availability of your NAS devices.

Improve efficiency, increase productivity, and save money. Simplify your experience today. 


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