Data Recovery Service


We care for your data!

As the manufacturer of your device as well as provide award-winning support, your data is in good hands.

While there are many options for you to recover your data (software, local service providers, etc.) there are only a few options that come from an award-winning service. That is why we teamed up with data recovery specialist DriveSavers.

Did you know that if a company attempts to recover data but is unable, this lowers the likelihood of data recovery from the next attempt? It is important to get it right the first time.

Save Hassle, Save Money!

No data recovered, No Charge. No shipping fee.

Once your data is recovered, did you know that you have options to save hassle & money by choosing to receive your data on:

1.) The market's most secure network attached storage

2.) Reliable and convenient direct attached storage

Save Hassle – You will not need to copy your data back to your device as it will be already uploaded to your new NAS device.

Save Money – Rather than spending money on a hard drive for a single use, you will have a new NAS device to access your data and continue to store new data on.

Being built from high quality parts, with many physical & digital security features and shipped with data redundancy mode (RAID) already configured, you can rest assured your data is stored on the market’s most reliable and secure storage device. Learn more here.

Special Offer: Free data recovery service for simple logical issues with data 

For registered devices, we offer free data recovery services for qualifying TeraStations that experienced simple logical data issues.

*Additional cost to receive NAS as a target media

Qualifying Models for Business Users

With completed product registration, the following product families will receive free data recovery services within original warranty terms.

Model Product
LinkStation SoHo Required 3 Years
TeraStation 3020 Series Required 3 Years
TeraStation 5010 Series Required 3 Years
TeraStation 6000 Series Required 3 Years
TeraStation WS5020 IoT Series Required 3 Years
TeraStation 51210 Series Required 5 Years

User Registration

To qualify for the free data recovery service, you must have your device pre-registered before it experiences errors.

Please register your product here.

  • If you registered your device already, you will be automatically qualified.

  • Please contact us if you do not remember whether you had registered your device in the past.

  •  If you cannot find your product model information, please contact us at

Service Details

Please read the following conditions before you apply for evaluation:

  • No data recovered = No Charge.

  • No shipping fee.

  • Buffalo Data Recovery Service is available only for Buffalo HDD devices (NAS: LinkStation, TeraStation/ DAS: DriveStation, MiniStation).

  • We will provide free evaluation regardless of whether the product is in warranty.

  •  Depending on severity of the issue, our partner DriveSavers will provide the evaluation and data recovery service.

  • Data recovery service lead time can be up to 2 weeks after receiving customer agreement (depending on HDD condition, lead time may vary).

  • Please contact us if you need any special treatment (emergency service, NDA agreement, etc.).

  • Service is only available for products purchased in the US and Canada (local users only).

  • Once your data is recovered, you can choose to receive it on a USB HDD or on the market’s most reliable & secure Network Storage (NAS).

Failure Level

Failure Level Examples
Logical Simple File system corruption
Complex User deleted data / reformatted the partition, volume, drives
Very Complex Error due to multiple factors
Physical Simple HDD Smart / Sector Error
Complex Damage on HDD head / media (= require to open HDD)
Very Complex Error due to multiple factors


When my home NAS drive fed me a steady stream of data errors and then one day appeared as unformatted, I was faced with the loss of nearly 20 years of personal records, including irreplaceable photos and videos.  It felt as if parts of my life had been erased and it was a very trying time.  Buffalo Data Recovery Services recovered all of my data and the team was professional and supportive throughout the process.  The process was rather expensive due to the amount of data corruption on the main drives and the backup drives, but in the end I was very pleased with the result and extremely grateful that they were able to recover my data.

- Joseph K, New York, NY

This customer opted to have their recovered data integrated onto a TeraStation NAS:

It was very simple, I just plugged it in and it was ready to go. The only place I had any difficulty was the fact the shares were stored in a recovered data folder and it made it more difficult for my employees to map to the share folder. Once I have the data backed up, I will fix this by removing the shares from the recovered data folder. Considering everything, overall it was a good experience and very easy.

- Anonymous

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