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Configuring Dropbox Sync on a Buffalo TeraStation 5000/5010/3010


  1. Open the TeraStation GUI and click on the "Web Services" tab. Click the virtual slide switch to enable the Dropbox Sync function.
  2. Click on the configuration gadget on the right to begin configuration.
  3. Click Add to add a new task.
  4. Click the "View Dropbox Authentication Page" link to get a new code to be used to access your Dropbox account. 

    Note: You may be asked to log in to your Dropbox account. If you maintain multiple accounts, please make sure you are getting the code for the desired account.

  5. Click Allow to get a new code.
  6. A new code will be generated by Dropbox. Please note that this code must be used within three minutes.
  7. Highlight the entire code and copy it.
  8. Return to the TeraStation GUI and paste the code into the box.
  9. Click OK to continue.
  10. Enter a task name for this sync task. No spaces are allowed in this field. Click the first Browse button to select a shared folder on the TeraStation to be synced with a specific folder on the newly associated Dropbox account.
  11. Select the correct folder and click OK.
  12. Click the second Browse button to select the folder on Dropbox that will be used for this sync task.
  13. Select the desired folder and click OK to continue.
  14. If encryption is desired, click the radio button to enable encryption. 

    Note: With encryption enabled two-way sync is disabled. You will only be able to sync files from the TeraStation to Dropbox, files added to Dropbox will NOT be synced to the TeraStation.

  15. If encryption is selected you will need to create a password. This password cannot be changed later on. 
  16. Once the task is created you will get this message. Click OK to continue.
  17. The task will now be listed on the task list. To configure further options, click on the task name.
  18. This will give you the information associated with this task. Click on the "Options" tab to see configurable options.
  19. These are the default settings. To change these settings, click Edit.
    1. Upload size limit can be set from 1 to 1024 MB (files over the limit will not be uploaded)
    2. Up to 24 extensions can be filtered
    3. If enabled, hidden files with filenames that start with a period (.) cannot be uploaded and downloaded.
  20. This shows the folder on the TeraStation. Two test files have been added.
  21. Within the allotted time the files will be uploaded to Dropbox. Please note that network traffic as well as internet connection bandwidth will affect the time needed to sync files.
  22. As more files are added to the synced folder, these will also be uploaded to Dropbox.


    Note: Any file that would exceed the available space on the Dropbox account may not be uploaded to Dropbox. The TeraStation will NOT generate an error in this case, it will simply list the file(s) as being "Unsynced".