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Configuring a static IP address on a series 3010 or 5010 TeraStation

Before you begin this procedure you must decide on the IP address that will be assigned to the TeraStation. Make certain that you assign an address that is outside the range being assigned by any DHCP server (such as a wireless router). If you are uncertain about what address range is being used by your wireless router please refer to the owner's manual for the router.


  1. Access the TeraStation's web user interface, by entering the current IP address of the unit into a web browser. If the current IP is unknown the unit can be located using NAS Navigator. If NAS Navigator is not installed you can download the latest version by going to the downloads page for the TeraStation on the Buffalo website.
  2. In the TeraStation interface, click on the “Network” tab on the left and then click on the icon to the right of the “IP Address” field to go to the IP address list.
  3. This window shows the current settings for all ports on the TeraStation. Please note that this example shows a TS5010 series TeraStation which has 3 ports, two 1Gbe ports and one 10Gbe port. The TS3010 series TeraStations are only equipped with two 1Gbe ports. To change any settings click on the “Edit” button at the lower right.
  4. In order to assign a specific IP address to any port uncheck the box under “DHCP” and enter the desired address.
  5. The subnet mask is assigned via a dropdown menu. This menu provides a variety of options and should include subnet masks to work with almost all network configurations.
  6. The MTU size can be set via the dropdown. Any size larger than 1500 is considered a jumbo frame. If choosing a jumbo frame size be certain that your network switch(es) support jumbo frames and that the option is turned on. If you select 9000 as the MTU size be certain to set the frame size to 9216 on any switches with a size option to accommodate the FCS and header.
  7. Wake-on-LAN can be enabled here as well. If this setting is enabled it will be active on all ports.
  8. By default the gateway and DNS owners are set automatically. If you set a static IP address for the TeraStation you will need to set both options to “User(static)” and assign gateway and DNS IP addresses. If no gateway or DNS addresses are assigned the TeraStation will not be able to set time and date via NTP or detect when an updated firmware version is available.