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How to sync with Microsoft OneDrive?

Applies to TeraStation 5010/3010/3020 series firmware 4.20 or later

                 TeraStation 6000 series

The TeraStation supports synchronizing with Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage to create a Hybrid Cloud. You can share the TeraStation files via OneDrive (or OneDrive files via the TeraStation). To link your TeraStation with your Microsoft account, follow the procedure below.

Note: To use Microsoft OneDrive Sync, you need a Microsoft account and an available empty OneDrive folder. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, or if you need to create a OneDrive folder, please refer to the Microsoft website.


1.    From Terastation WEBUI, select Cloud Storage from the left.

2.    Move the OneDrive Sync switch to the right to enable OneDrive Sync.
Then Click the Setting icon to the right of “Microsoft OneDrive Sync”.

3.    Click Add to create a new sync task.

4.    The sign-in window will open. Enter the username and password of your Microsoft OneDrive account to sign in.

5.    Enter the desired job name and click Next.

6.    Select the sync action and behavior for when files with the same name are already in the target folder.
The behavior for when files with the same name already exists will work when the files that have the same name on both the TeraStation and OneDrive are changed.

7.    Select the desired TeraStation and OneDrive folders.

  • Click Browse under “Folder on TeraStation”. Click Create Folder here if you want to create an empty folder on TeraStation. Or choose to sync an existing folder on TeraStation.


  • Click Browse under “Folder on OneDrive”. Navigate under OneDrive\Drive1 to choose the folder on OneDrive.


Note: The following folders cannot be selected or should not be configured:
o    The “TMNAS” folder or the specified quarantine folder
o    The 6th level and deeper of TeraStation Share and OneDrive folders

  • Click Next after selecting the folders.

8.    Specify the Sync Period and click Next.

9.    Set the schedule to sync files during the start and end time. To always sync files, select "Always sync within the sync period"

10.    If encryption is enabled, uploaded files will be encrypted and archived in zip format using the entered password.

11.    Select whether to check for file consistency between the TeraStation and OneDrive. If an inconsistency occurs, that file will be updated using the latest file version.

12.    Configure whether to filter the target files by file sizes and whether they’re hidden.
The file size filtering will work only for the upload process. The available maximum size is up to 15360 MB (15 GB).
“Hidden files” refer to files whose filename starts with a period.

13.    Configure the desired file filtering by extensions.

14.    Confirm that all settings are properly configured and click OK.

15.    Job setup has completed.

16.    From the job list,  click Refresh to update the Sync status.
You can also change any job settings that's already configured. Click the job which you want to change.

17.    Click the Options tab. Then Click Edit.

18.    Configure the desired settings and click OK.

o    Files whose filename contains the symbols " # % & * / : > < ? ¥ } { ~ cannot be synchronized. This symbol limitation is based on “Normalization Form Canonical Composition (NFC)”. If you copy files that contain these symbols to the TeraStation folder from macOS, the filenames may be converted to different ones that don’t contain these symbols.
o    If you encounter error codes when creating OneDrive Sync jobs or during synchronization , refer to the Microsoft website ; and try the respective corrective action.