Next Business Day Warranty Services 

In today’s fast-moving environment, saving time is critical. Our Next Business Day Warranty Services use next business day air service to ship your replacement products. The warranty includes Buffalo’s 24/7 North American-based tech support. 

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Next Business Day Warranty Services include Next Business Day air service, cross-shipment service, and pre-paid return shipping labels within the length of the warranty, and is available for purchase at any time within the original warranty period. Register for additional warranties here.



24/7 North American-based phone support



Next business day air service, cross-shipment service, and pre-paid return shipping label included


3-year NEXT BUSINESS DAY (3YNBD) - Original 3-year warranty period.

5-year NEXT BUSINESS DAY (5YNBD) - 2 additional years after the original 3 year warranty period.


Buffalo Device3-Year SKU3-Year Price5-Year SKU5-Year Price
TeraStation 3210DN       3YNBD20$149.99        5YNBD40$249.99  
TeraStation 3410DN            3YNBD20  $149.99          5YNBD40$249.99  
TeraStation 3410RN              3YNBD20  $149.99        5YNBD30$449.99  
TeraStation 3220DN 3YNBD20$149.99 5YNBD40$249.99
TeraStation 3420DN 3YNBD20 $149.99 5YNBD40$249.99
TeraStation 3420RN 3YNBD20 $149.99 5YNBD30$449.99
TeraStation 5210DN      3YNBD20$149.99      5YNBD40$249.99  
TeraStation 5410DN        3YNBD20$149.99    5YNBD40$249.99  
TeraStation 5410RN        3YNBD20  $149.99    5YNBD30$449.99  
TeraStation 5810DN (4 drive)          3YNBD20  $149.995YNBD30$449.99      
TeraStation 5810DN (8 drive)           3YNBD20$149.99    5YNBD20$649.99  
TeraStation 51210RH (4 drive)3YNBD20$149.995YNBD20$649.99
TeraStation 51210RH (12 drive)3YNBD10$399.995YNBD10$1,799.99
TeraStation 6400DN3YNBD20$149.99 5YNBD40$249.99
TeraStation 6400RN3YNBD20$149.99 5YNBD30$449.99
TeraStation 7120R (12-Bay)  3YNBD10  $399.99  5YNBD10$1,799.99
TeraStation 5200DN WSS    3YNBD20  $149.99  5YNBD40$249.99  
TeraStation 5400DN WSS    3YNBD20  $149.99          5YNBD40$249.99  
TeraStation 5400RN WSS  3YNBD20$149.99  5YNBD30$449.99  
TeraStation 5600DN WSS    3YNBD20$149.99      5YNBD20$649.99  
TeraStation 5610DN WSH      3YNBD20$149.99    5YNBD20$649.99  
TeraStation 3400D        3YNBD20  $149.99      5YNBD40$249.99  
TeraStation 3400R          3YNBD20$149.99    5YNBD30$449.99  
TeraStation 5200D NVR    3YNBD20  $149.99    5YNBD40$249.99  
TeraStation 5200DN        3YNBD20  $149.99        5YNBD40$249.99  
TeraStation 5400DN      3YNBD20  $149.99      5YNBD40$249.99  
TeraStation 5400RH      3YNBD20  $149.99    5YNBD20$649.99  
TeraStation 5400RN          3YNBD20$149.99      5YNBD30$449.99  
TeraStation 5600DN    3YNBD20$149.99      5YNBD20$649.99  
TeraStation 5800DN    3YNBD20  $149.99      5YNBD20$649.99  
TeraStation StorageCraft Recovery Center 253YNBD20$149.995YNBD20$649.99
DriveStation Ultra (6-Bay)  3YNBD20$149.99          5YNBD20$649.99  
DriveStation Ultra (10-Bay)      3YNBD10  $399.995YNBD10$1,799.99
TeraStation WS5020DN    3YNBD20$149.99     5YNBD40$249.99  
TeraStation WS5420DN3YNBD20$149.99  5YNBD40$249.99  
TeraStation WS5420RN 3YNBD20$149.99  5YNBD30$449.99
TeraStation WSH5610DNS63YNBD20$149.99       5YNBD20$649.99  
Buffalo Device 3-Year SKU 3-Year Price 5-Year SKU 5-Year Price


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  • - TeraStation 7120R, TeraStation 7120R Enterprise, TeraStation 51210RH (12-drive)


  • - TeraStation 3400D, TeraStation 3400R, TeraStation WS5020DN, TeraStation WS5020RH, TeraStation WSH5610DNS6
  • - TeraStation 5200D NVR, TeraStation 5400RH, TeraStation 5200DN WSS, TeraStation 5400DN WSS
  • - TeraStation 51210RH (4-drive)


  • - TeraStation 7120R
  • - TeraStation 51210RH (12-drive)
  • - DriveStation Ultra 10-Bay


  • - TeraStation 5400RH, TeraStation 5600DN, TeraStation WSH5610DNS6
  • - Recovery Center 25, DriveStation Ultra 6-Bay
  • - TeraStation 51210RH (4-drive)


  • - TeraStation 3400R, TeraStation 5400RN, TeraStation WS5020RH


  • - TeraStation 3400D, TeraStation 5200 NVR, TeraStation 5200DN WSS, TeraStation 5400DN WSS, TeraStation WS5020DN