Keep Your Drive Warranty Services 

Many industries and business require the retention of defective hard drives during the replacement process to maintain the privacy of sensitive data. Catering to these needs, our Keep Your Drive Warranty Services ship your replacement hard drives using next business day air, without the need for you to return your defective hard drive. The warranty includes Buffalo’s 24/7 North American-based tech support.


Must be purchased with a new TeraStation or within 90 days of TeraStation purchase.

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Keep Your Drive Warranty Services include hard drive replacement that does not require the return of the defective hard drive, in addition to Next Business Day air service, cross-shipment service, and pre-paid return shipping labels within the length of the warranty.This service can only be purchased at the time of product purchase or within 90 days of purchase. Register for additional warranties here.



24/7 North American-based phone support 


Next business day air service, cross-shipment service, and pre-paid return shipping label included


Hard drive replacement does not require return of defective hard drive


3-year KEEP YOUR DRIVE (3YKYD) - Original 3-year warranty period. 

5-year KEEP YOUR DRIVE (5YKYD) - 2 additional years after the original 3 year warranty period. 


Buffalo Device3-Year SKU3-Year Price5-Year SKU5-Year Price
TeraStation 3210DN       3YKYD40$349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation 3410DN            3YKYD40  $349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation 3410RN              3YKYD30  $399.99 5YKYD30$699.99
TeraStation 3220DN 3YKYD40$349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation 3420DN 3YKYD40 $349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation 3420RN 3YKYD30 $399.99 5YKYD30$699.99
TeraStation 5210DN      3YKYD40$349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation 5410DN        3YKYD40$349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation 5410RN        3YKYD30  $399.99 5YKYD30$699.99
TeraStation 5810DN (4 drive)          3YKYD30$399.99 5YKYD30$699.99
TeraStation 5810DN (8 drive)           3YKYD20  $499.99 5YKYD20$999.99
TeraStation 51210RH (4 drive) 3YKYD20$499.99 5YKYD20$999.99
TeraStation 51210RH (12 drive)  3YKYD10$999.99 5YKYD10$2,199.99
TeraStation 6400DN3YKYD40$349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation 6400RN3YKYD30 $399.99 5YKYD30$699.99
TeraStation 7120R (12-Bay)  3YKYD10  $999.99 5YKYD10  $2,199.99
TeraStation 5200DN WSS    3YKYD40  $349.99 5YKYD40  $399.99
TeraStation 5400DN WSS    3YKYD40$349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation 5400RN WSS  3YKYD30  $399.99 5YKYD30  $699.99
TeraStation 5600DN WSS    3YKYD20  $499.99 5YKYD20$999.99
TeraStation 5610DN WSH      3YKYD20  $499.99 5YKYD20$999.99
TeraStation 3400D        3YKYD40  $349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation 3400R          3YKYD30  $399.99 5YKYD30  $699.99
TeraStation 5200D NVR    3YKYD40  $349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation 5200DN        3YKYD40$349.99 5YKYD40  $399.99
TeraStation 5400DN      3YKYD40  $349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation 5400RH      3YKYD20  $499.99 5YKYD20$999.99
TeraStation 5400RN          3YKYD30  $399.99 5YKYD30$699.99
TeraStation 5600DN    3YKYD20$499.99 5YKYD20$999.99
TeraStation 5800DN    3YKYD20$499.99 5YKYD20$999.99
TeraStation StorageCraft Recovery Center 253YKYD20$499.995YKYD20$999.99
DriveStation Ultra (6-Bay)  3YKYD20  $499.99 5YKYD20  $999.99
DriveStation Ultra (10-Bay)      3YKYD10  $999.99 5YKYD10$2,199.99
TeraStation WS5220DN3YKYD40$349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation WS5420DN3YKYD40$349.99 5YKYD40$399.99
TeraStation WS5420RN3YKYD30$399.99 5YKYD30$699.99
TeraStation WSH5610DNS63YKYD20$499.99 5YKYD20$999.99
Buffalo Device 3-Year SKU 3-Year Price 5-Year SKU 5-Year Price


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Warranty Registration Form
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  • - TeraStation 7120R, TeraStation 7120R Enterprise
  • - TeraStation 51210RH (12-drive)


  • - TeraStation 5400RH, TeraStation 5600DN, TeraStation WSH5610DNS6
  • - TeraStation 51210RH (4-drive)
  • - Recovery Center 25, DriveStation Ultra 6-Bay


  • - TeraStation 3400R, TeraStation 5400RN, TeraStation WS5020RN


  • - TeraStation 3400D, TeraStation 5200D NVR, TeraStation 5200DN, TeraStation 5800DN, TeraStation 5200DN WSS, TeraStation WS5020DN
  • 5YKYD10

    • - TeraStation 7120R, TeraStation 51210RH (12-drive)
    • - DriveStation Ultra 10-Bay


  • - TeraStation 5400RH, TeraStation 5600DN, TeraStation WSH5610DNS6
  • - TeraStation 51210RH (4-drive)
  • - Recovery Center 25, DriveStation Ultra 6-Bay


  • - TeraStation 3400R, TeraStation 5400RN, TeraStation WS5020RN


  • - TeraStation 3400D, TeraStation 5200 NVR, TeraStation WS5020DN
  • - TeraStation 5200DN WSS, TeraStation 5400DN WSS