What is Partially Populated Storage and What Are the Benefits?


Benefits of Partially Populated (Scalable) Network Attached Storage


What is partially populated (scalable) NAS?

Partially populated or scalable Network attached storage are network attached storage solutions that come with hard drives included but have remaining empty drive bays for future use.


Do all Buffalo Network Storage Solutions come with hard drives included?

Yes, we offer fully populated and partially populated network storage solutions.


What are the benefits of buying a network storage solution with hard drives included?

You will save money, time, and hassle. See below for details.


What are the benefits of buying a partially populated network storage solution?

Users with a sensitive budget are able to buy a storage device now with the capacity to fit their needs with room to grow.

 Allows you to invest now according to your needs and stay flexible. You can further broaden your storage capacities with new disc drives when needed.



Partially Populated Options:

TeraStation 6000 Desktop

TeraStation 6000 Rackmount

TeraStation 5010 Desktop

TeraStation 5010 Rackmount

TeraStation 3020 Desktop

TeraStation 3020 Rackmount

TeraStation 3010 Desktop

TeraStation 3010 Rackmount


Save Time - Buffalo systems are easy-to-use, saving valuable time and effort.  Other manufacturer‘s product requires users to spend time selecting, buying, installing, testing, and configuring the hard drives. Buffalo systems are ready to go with hard drives included allowing customers to be up and running within minutes. Simply remove the NAS device from the box, power-up and connect.

Save Hassle - Buffalo systems ship with hard drives that have been specifically selected and tested for the product they are designed for. Eliminate the hassle of searching, purchasing, testing,  and setting-up the correct hard drives. The Buffalo warranty covers the full system including hard drives. Customers simply have one call to make regarding any system or hard drive.

Save Money -Time is money. Buffalo systems require less setup and management time, allowing you to concentrate on core activities. If any hardware issues arise, including hard drives, simply contact Buffalo‘s 24/7 North American-based support. 



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