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Creating a Shared Folder on a Buffalo LinkStation

  1. Access Settings, the LinkStation's web user interface, by entering the current IP address of the unit into a web browser. If the current IP is unknown the unit can be located using NASNavigator. If NASNavigator is not installed, download and install the application by clicking on the provided URLs here: Windows or Mac.
  2. From Settings, click on the "Advanced Settings" tile. If you have not yet logged in to Settings, you may be asked to log in with the "admin" account.
  3. On the advanced settings screen click the button to the right for "Folder Setup".
  4. Click Create Folder on the upper left.
  5. Enter the name of the share. In this case we are re-creating the default share. Verify which options should be enabled on this share. The default options are shown. Once all correct settings are confirmed click OK.
  6. Once the process is complete the new share should be included in the "Shared Folder List" with the selected options checked.