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How to collect RAW logs from Buffalo TeraStation and submit to Customer Support for troubleshooting


1.    In order to collect the RAW logs from the TeraStation, you will need to login to its Web User Interface also known as a WebUI.

2.    There are two ways to do this. If you know the IP address you can simply open up the Web Browser of your choice, and type that IP address into the address bar.

3.    OR, you can open the Buffalo NAS Navigator Client application if its installed on your PC, then right click on your Buffalo Network Attached Storage Device and click on the Settings option, this will automatically open the default browser you have on your computer and automatically enter the IP address in the address bar to take you to the WebUI.

4.    Once the page loads you will be presented with the Login prompt, proceed to login with the admin account.

5.    Once you are logged in, you will need to utilize a key combination to prompt the unit to generate the log file, that key combination is “CTRL” + “ALT” + “SHIFT” + “B”. Which demonstrated with the use of on-screen keyboard below.

6.    Should this key combination not work for you, the URL shown below is the link generated when the key combination is used and can be manually typed in after the IP address in the address bar.


7.    Once the key combination or URL is used, it can take up to 2min to generate the log file depending on the unit’s age, please be patient.

8.    Please make sure that if you are prompted by your browser regarding the *.tgz file, you chose the SAVE option, please do not open as this can change the file’s layout and not properly work for Customer Support.

9.    Once you have the *.tgz log file you will need to submit it to Buffalo Customer Support. Please navigate in your browser to the following website address in your address bar:  US.Buffalo.Support

10.    Once the page loads you will see:

Click the option:  Upload RAW Logs for Review

11. Fill out the required fields and then click the Validate Case Information button.

•    A field requiring the 6 digit number case number which you should have received from the Buffalo Support agent you spoke with.
•    Followed by a field requiring the 14 digit serial number assigned to the device the log file is from.

12. Then choose the log file you just downloaded from TeraStation and upload.

•    Use the Choose button and navigate and select that .tgz log file that was downloaded from your browser, it can be found by default in the downloads folder.
Once you have filled out all fields, simply hit the "Upload logset" button to submit the logs for review.

13. Shortly you should see a confirmation screen, please do not close your browser window  until you see this screen to ensure proper submission of your logs.

      In the bottom window you can see the current status of your logset. A quick automated hardware report should be generated shortly.