Buffalo TeraStation 3010/5010 Reliability and Features [Continued]

Jan 25, 2018

Buffalo TeraStation 3010/5010 Reliability and Features

Our TeraStation 3010 & 5010 Series comes with peace of mind included with upgrades to reliability and features. 


Reliability - Buffalo Operating System Tuned for Stability

What is reliability and stability? For Network Attached Storage, the answer is “continuous operation through severe data transaction."

Buffalo TeraStation OS is well tuned up to bear simultaneous full data access. TS5010 series series can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week while being accessed simultaneously by up to 100 clients, providing our customers with the highest standard of reliability and stability.

Reliability - Quad Core CPU with ECC Memory (TS5010)

To improve performance stability, Buffalo adopted the Quad Core CPU for the TeraStation 5010 series. This higher performance CPU allows you to handle larger data transactions smoothly.

Also, TeraStations come with server grade memory modules called “ECC (Error-correcting code),” which provides further stability. 




Reliability - Replacement Hard Drives - Readily Available

Our replacement HDDs are always pre-tested and pre-assembled with Tray. We have these hard drives on-hand and ready for when you need them. When you receive the replacement drive, all you need to do to get up and running is take it out of the box and put it into your NAS chassis . We are always looking for ways to  make things quick and easy.

For further premium support, Buffalo offers optional services such as Next Business Day drive replacement and the Keep Your Drive extended warranty, which includes next business day drive replacement.




Feature - Boot Authentication

In addition to AES 256bit, Terastation 3010 and5010 Series has the Boot Authentication feature. 

This feature prevents a TeraStation from being used in an unauthorized environment. In other words, if a TeraStation is stolen, it cannot be accessed unless the authentication server is present.

If the authentication server is not found, the TeraStation will boot but the user interface and shares will not be accessible.


Feature - Remote Monitoring

Manage your multiple TeraStation NAS devices with Network QuickView by Buffalo (Network QuickView by Buffalo). Quickly identify any problems by an alert in QuickView, or set it up to send emails, which can all be configured in one place.

If you already have RMM provided by 3rd parties, TeraStation is also compatible with these software options (Monitor Resources). 


Feature - RAID Mode Management (Rapid RAID Mode Change)

TeraStations comes with HDDs pre-installed and RAID configured as follows:

2bay   RAID 1
4bay   RAID 5
8bay   RAID 6
12bay   RAID 6

Buffalo’s new OS allows for greatly improved RAID rebuild times, and set-up only takes 10 minutes. You can choose your preferred RAID mode quickly, allowing you to save time and hassle.


Feature - Rsync Integration

The TeraStation 3010 & 5010 models can now backup and replicate data to other non-Buffalo Rsync enabled devices. TeraStation devices can be added to existing Rsync environments providing greater integration opportunities.


For those looking to replicate data between an existing NAS device with Rsync capability, the TeraStation is a perfect solution.



Feature - LCD Display (TS5010)

 Front LCD will allow you to check the unit condition without logging into the web interface. Especially helpful for urgent occasions, you can quickly and smoothly check error messages and take immediate action.


Reliability -  UPS Compatible

Your critical data may collapse if anything happens to your power unit.

By connecting UPS to your TeraStation, the unit will smoothly and safely shut itself down, thereby protecting your data.

Buffalo TeraStations are compatible with Cyberpower and Scheneider (APC) UPS. 


Feature - Easy Data Migration from Legacy TeraStations

Transfer of folders and settings from legacy TeraStations allo eady data migration older TeraStations.







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