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Creating an iSCSI target on a Buffalo TeraStation

  1. Log in to Settings for the TeraStation. You can access Settings by either entering the TeraStation's IP address into a web browser window or by using NAS Navigator.
  2. Navigate to the "Drives" tab and click on the LVM widget button to enable Logical Volume Management.
    Note: This process will delete any existing data on the unit!TS_Create_iSCSI_01.jpg
  3. Click Enable LVM Volume for a drive.
  4. You will be asked to enter a 4 digit number. This number is randomly generated and will not match this example. Before proceeding, please read the warning carefully.
  5. Once the process finishes it should show the array with LVM enabled. Click Close to return to the main page.
  6. Click the slide switch icon to enable iSCSI on the unit.
  7. Click the iSCSI widget button to open the list of iSCSI volumes.
  8. On the "iSCSI Settings" page it will list all the current iSCSI volumes. Click Create Volume to create a new iSCSI volume.
  9. On the "Creating iSCSI Volume" page, enter the name of the volume and set the size. You can also add a description to the volume if desired.
    Note: Attaching multiple Windows hosts to one volume will result in data corruption. If this volume will be used on a Windows host, we recommend enabling access restrictions to prevent this possibility.
  10. (Optional) If desired, click the radio button to enable access restrictions. The fields for "Username" and "Password" equate to the CHAP user and target secret in the iSCSI initiator of the host that will connect to this volume. Click OK when finished.
  11. The new volume should now be listed along with any existing volumes.

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